About Joe Carreno

Since 1989 Joe Carreno has devoted his efforts to the financial services industry, assisting employers in the implementation of their company employee benefit packages and individuals with retirement planning and estate preservation. He is the founder of The Retirement Advantage, a retirement & estate planning services company that works with folks that take seriously to their retirement planning & whose primary focus is to build, protect, & preserve assets. The implementation of Tax Free retirement tools is of great importance in the overall planning and case assessment, while careful implementation of all retirement plans result in the participation of only market gains, never recoveries.

Joe maintains the highest standards, ethics & qualifications as prescribed by state mandates and the financial services industry, but most important by his very own moral and ethical compass which has only one north, hence the compass for the company’s logo.

He is licensed with the Florida Department of Financial Services since 1989, and is a member in good standing with the BBB with an A+ rating, as well as a proud member of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Under promising and over delivering are a constant in his practice. Honesty is a courtesy, and good value for services rendered is common practice.

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